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Quilt Construction Service

Approximate Estimate of a Twin Size Quilt



While every quilt has different needs, it all kind of comes down to the more complex a pattern is the more the costs go up. Regardless of the quilt pattern one's using, basic quilt construction techniques stay the same. I have put together an idea of what a basic Twin Size Quilt what cost, give or take if other services are needed.

Please see the chart below

Step 1 - Plan Out Design Rate Cost
W/O Pattern (make) $200
With pattern $100 $100
Sub Total $100
Step 2 - Supplies Needed Quantity Cost Total
Thread 2 $7.50 $15.00
Fabric - Top 7 yrds. $10.00 $70.00
Fabric - Backing 7 yrds. $10.00 $70.00
Fabric -(binding) left -over scraps $00.00 $00.00
Batting (Supply on hand) 1 $35.00 $35.00
Sub Total $190.00
Step 3 - Production Hours Rate $15 Hour Cost
Prepping Fabric 2 $15.00 $30.00
Sorting 2 $15.00 $30.00
Ironing & Cutting 2 $15.00 $30.00
Miscellaneous 2 $15.00 $30.00
Ironing Seams 2 $15.00 $30.00
10 $15.00 $150.00
Sub Total 20 $300.00
1 Design Plan $100.00
2 Supplies $190.00
3 Production $300.00
Total Estimate Cost of Quilt


Please understand this is an example estimate. Upon hiring my service, I require 50% deposit before any work is to begin.


Please keep in mind that I do have other clients and have the upmost respect for you and your quilt needs. I ask that you do the same when considering employing my services. It takes time to construct a quality quilt as I take great pride in my work. I do not cut corners or skimp on quality!

  If you have questions, please Contact Anita